New year, new beauty routines! 
Detox with the plushest brands out there,
Line your lips with shocking shades—like an eye-popping blue, a flashy red, and even a gorgeous grey! 
Broaden your beauty knowledge (do you know about the latest buzz from NPW, PMD, and FaceD?) 
Get your globe-trotting fix (Sephora is headed for Germany!).
​• Stay true to Sephora's motto: beauty means playing, learning, and having fun!

Spotlight on lips: Featuring surprising colours, high-tech formulas, and sensational ingredients, Kat Von D and Fenty Beauty reveal their latest lipsticks. Plus, they also look great on any complexion. 

Spotlight on detox skincare: What do you need to recover after the holiday season and start 2018 off right? An advanced selection of masks, patches, and skincare treatments. Once again, Glam Glow, NPW, and Fresh (and many more) have pulled out all the stops. 

Spotlight on @SephoraCollection innovations: #lipstories is a lipstick brand that's both inspired and inspiring. Millennials will love it. So will everyone else! What do Rahua, PMD, and Face D have in common? All three are available exclusively at!

Spotlight on Brand News: Six months, one country, and seven stores. After Munich and Dusseldorf, Sephora is coming to Berlin! Wunderbar! 



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January detox
What do you need to start the year off right? Good resolutions and a good detox regimen to pamper your skin!

Bubble up!
The oxygenating, detoxifying, and purifying Bubblesheet Oxygenating Deep Cleanse Mask (€8.95) from Glam Glow is a cloth mask that recreates the same effect as an invigorating walk in the countryside. Apply it to your damp face, then wait three minutes to let its incredible fizzy foam work its magic! Once activated, the mask's micro-bubbles—plus detoxifying green tea extract and carbon—help remove impurities, whisk away make-up, and significantly boost the radiance of tired, dull skin. Get a dose of fresh air (without having to brave the cold or even leave your couch)! 

Complexion reFRESHer
What's new from this Boston-based brand? Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask – (€64) revives dull skin in record time—just 5 minutes! Its formula is brimming with active ingredients, including moisturising and radiance-boosting Super-7 Complex, red algae and exfoliating lotus seeds, and sea fennel extract rich in fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Use it whenever your skin is going through a slump. It's the perfect solution after not enough sleep or a late night out. 

Just for your eyes
Our Beauty To Go selection features these super refreshing (and even reusable) Cucumber Patches from NPW (€5.90 ). Keep them cool, and apply to tired eyes as needed. The cast includes: Antioxidant vitamin E and moisturising aloe vera, which join forces to erase every last sign of your wild NYE adventures.

Relax and treat yourself! Without those dark circles and undereye bags, your eyes will look fresher and more rested than ever! 


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It's the story...

... Of iconic lipsticks that have been revamped and updated to version 3.0. These stylish lipsticks come in a beautiful black case and treat your lips to a range of never-before-seen colours and sensations that will turn even the most die-hard couch potatoes into globetrotters. Get ready for an exotic journey for the senses.

Sephora Collection #Lipstories (€8.95 per unit): Sephora's legendary lipsticks—now new and improved—are fresh from the studio.

What's on the checklist?

  • Jaw-dropping scenery: instead of black? Palm trees, sunsets, crystal-clear water... a fantastic setting that's ready to liven up our social media profiles!
  • Special-effect wands: Pick a matte, satin, or metallic finish—all of which feature a feather-light texture—in a range of 30 vibrant shades!

Drop dead gorgeous

Change your lip colour every day (or every hour!) to suit your mood and your agenda for the day. One hashtag has got you covered: #lipstories.


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Hello, Rahua! The inspiration: The treasures of the Amazonian rainforest. The result in stores? A selection of gorgeous hair treatments featuring Rahua's beautifying oil, which soaks into the cortex of the capillary fibre to repair and enhance your hair. The brands offers a range of shampoos, conditioners, masks, and cream-waxes for coloured, limp, or brittle hair. We can't wait to get our hands on these hair treatments formulated with natural ingredients.
From €9.25 to €38 

FaceD: High-tech skincare featuring hyaluronic acid 

Want to know what's in the brand's latest product release? A selection of skincare treatments for the lips and the complexion. There's Antipollution Firming Cream, a fast-acting version of a lip cream that erases fine lines, a single-dose mask that moisturises and increases elasticity on the face and neck, and even a refreshing product that soothes sunburnt skin. A complete, effective panel of products that are just waiting to be tried out...
From €4.50 to €26.90 

PMD: Technology is beautyThe well-connected brand PMD has arrived at Sephora with two new devices.
The Personal Microderm Pro (€199) uses a patented system of spinning disks to smooth and even out skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines, tighten pores, and minimise blemishes. The PMD Kiss device is designed to be paired with the dedicated PMD Kiss Serum (€19.90 ) to plump up lips. When used every day, this ground-breaking device, which uses pulsating vacuum technology, is guaranteed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and boost lip volume! It's a win-win!


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Our seventh store! 

Can you guess Germany's latest newcomer? Sephora's seventh store! Be sure to check out the brand-new concession at the heart of the German capital's legendary department store, Galerie Kaufhof.
Now you can get the full Sephora experience in Berlin, including twenty of its exclusive brands like Make Up Eraser, Merci Handy, Amika, Make Up For Ever, Vita Coco, Kat Von D, and Becca (all of which are also available online at as well as unique services such as the Gift Factory and the new Sephora Beauty Hub, two iconic features of the brand.
Following on the heels of store openings in Munich, Dusseldorf, and Hamburg, this "shop-in-shop" is a new, fun concept that allows Sephora fans to learn, play, and have fun even more! Opening on 9 November 2017